Many accidents can be avoided through actions taken by the driver. By following The Smith5Keys®, drivers can remain vigilant behind the wheel. 

Key 1: Aim High in Steering® gives you more visibility and time to react more gradually to developing hazards. This allows you to avoid sudden changes of direction and lessens the need for evasive actions. 

Key 2: Get The Big Picture® provides awareness of everything around your vehicle. By establishing a proper following distance and eliminating visual barriers, you can see potential hazards and react to them in good time.

Key 3: Keep Your Eyes Moving® ensures your mind stays active and focused. This helps resist the effects of fatigue and unnecessary distractions.

Key 4: Leave Yourself an Out® maintains a cushion of space and avoids close proximity to other vehicles, reducing the chance of a collision and creating time and space for safer responses.

Key 5: Make Sure They See You® communicates your presence to other road users. By using warning devices and signals, other drivers are more likely to see you and drive with more consideration.