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This month we have a montage of items we would like to bring to everyone's forefront.  

Distracted Driving:  It's simple, don't drive distracted, if you are using any type of electronic device it should be hands free and it should not be a distraction. Questions refer to the company policy.  It goes without saying that just because you may have your device mounted in front of you, it is not okay to watch any type of entertainment on that device.  100% of your attention needs to be dedicated to driving, things can happen in a split second and if you are not prepared you could end up in the middle of it.  We recently sent out an email with a youtube video titled "8 seconds, One fatal distraction.  Watch it.  If you didn't get that in your email let me know.  It is eye opening to the repercussions of driving distracted.  There is a comment below the video that says something to the effect, "If you want to scare the hell out of yourself, close your eyes at 60mph for 8 seconds."  That alone puts into perspective the stupidity of driving distracted.  

Seatbelts: Wear them at work while you are driving and while home in your personal vehicles. "Seatbelts Save Lives"  Besides being the law, wear them for those you care about and those that care about you.  Don't let them down because something happened because you didn't wear your seat belt.  

Fifth Wheels: Check them before hooking up your trailer.  Check to make sure the 5th wheel jaws are closed around the kingpin and do your tug test after hooking.  Everytime you stop, check the fifth wheel, are the jaws still around the kingpin, and do your tug test.  You may ask why I did that when I first hooked this trailer up?  The reason is because there are those that think it is funny or maybe they are being vindictive that go around pulling trucks 5th wheels the unexpected driver then drives away and drops the trailer being pulled.  If they are lucky that is all that happens and no one is injured. There was a story a short time ago of this happening. The trailer did not come off the truck until they were on the road the trailer crossed into oncoming traffic and 2 people were killed. If you see someone doing this report them, maybe leave a note for the driver of the truck.

Thank you all for striving to be safe in all you do.  We do appreciate you and want you to return safely.   

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