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We want our drivers to stay happy and healthy. So, here are some resources that can help make sure that you are staying safe, fit, and happy. 

Medicare Made Easy
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Employee Benefits New Hire Guide
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McLeod Anywhere App

In a push to go paperless, we are now using the McLeod anywhere app to submit paperwork, as well as a handful of other resources available to drivers through this app. 

Here are instructions, as well as links to some videos that can be used as a resource to help you navigate through the application (available on apple and android devices.)   



Dental and Vision Insurance 

As you are aware, we made the transition to MetLife as our dental and vision insurance provider a few months ago. The shift has been relatively smooth. However, for those who haven't had the opportunity to visit the dentist or eye doctor since the change, we want to ensure you have the essential information readily available in case your healthcare provider encounters any challenges while trying to access your coverage in their system.

Everything required for your dentist or eye doctor's office to access your coverage in their system should be provided below:

Insurance Provider: Metlife

Group Name: Sharp Transportation, Inc.

Group Number: 5385041

Name: Employee Name or dependents name

Employee ID: SSN

With regard to your health insurance coverage, that remains under Motive Health. If you've recently enrolled in this coverage, you should have received your insurance cards by mail. For those whose coverage has rolled over from the previous year, your existing cards remain valid.

Note: this message only applies to you if you are already enrolled in these services.

Should you require any assistance or encounter any challenges while trying to access these cards, please feel free to reach out to us for support. Call us at 435-227-2176, or send an email to


390 N 900 E Wellsville, UT 84339

Tel: 435-245-6053

Thanks for submitting!

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